Staying on Top of What’s New in a Job Search

By Robyn Crigger

Though the unemployment numbers have dropped, there are still many people in the job market who have searched for more than a year.  The job market is still extremely competitive.  When you are invited for an interview, you can be assured that your competitors are every bit as sharp and as qualified as you.  Every aspect of the job candidate, his/her skills, experience, and education, is examined closely.  All degrees and certificates are confirmed and references called.

If you are getting interviews, that is a very good sign.  Still, there are those job search candidates who don’t understand the employer’s perspective.  How can a candidate “hit the hot buttons” of an employer?  Well-written resumes remain a job search requirement, but what can grab the employer’s attention to the point of driving them to talk with that candidate?

Since most job search candidates will have similar education and capabilities, and your resume will provide lots in writing for the employer’s reference, what can you do to distinguish yourself? A relatively new job search tool, called the “Web Portfolio” can make a huge difference.
If you recall the old saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” that is how the Web Portfolio helps.  A Web Portfolio provides a visual and concrete product for those job search candidates who have substantial accomplishments and successes which need to be transferred from words to images.  A gifted technician and IT expert developed this program, which transforms the data into a clear visual product.
Of the individuals who have used this Web Portfolio, many have commented that it has made a world of difference which translated into a job offer.  The Web Portfolio is not a miracle worker, but it can convey your work history and accomplishments into a visual story. 

The Web Portfolio is a great way to distinguish yourself, but when it comes to the interview, be sure to keep your responses short and concise.  If you were the employer, what would you want to know? This can keep you from rambling on about your mother or family, etc.  What does the employer want to know?  What can you do for his/her company?

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