At Quest Management Consultants, we are dedicated to ensuring that the individuals who utilize our expert services are successful in their quest for career satisfaction. We have developed results-driven programs that are individualized to our clients and their needs while aiming to help all of our clients realize their career success.

Through Quest's Career Transition, our team of professionals will apply their diverse talents to help affected employees:

  • Develop a resume that reflects marketable skills and uniqueness
  • Establish an individualized marketing plan to maximize your exposure to the marketplace
  • Coach in the art of “selling” the interviewer for an effective job interview
  • Understand and employ strategies for negotiating compensation packages
  • Provide ongoing consulting support
  • Ensure you are a “good fit” for a position
  • Help you establish and plan for success with your new employer

Other professional services available through Quest’s knowledgeable staff include:

  • Entrepreneurial counseling
  • Retirement planning
  • Financial planning
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