Employee Surveys

Conducting employee surveys can be a good way for organizations to create a more engaged and productive workforce. Professionally designed and administered surveys contain validated questions that allow organizations to obtain information on employee attitudes about such basic areas as job satisfaction, supervision, compensation and benefits, career opportunities, tools and equipment, physical working conditions, etc.

Employee Opinion Surveys are used to:

  • Measure employee morale and job satisfaction
  • Obtain employee feedback on the organization’s business strategy and overall effectiveness
  • Obtain employee feedback on the effectiveness of the organization’s management team and supervisors
  • Identify departments or employee groups that may have issues in areas such as teamwork or communications
  • Ascertain employee satisfaction with pay and benefits.

Data from the results can serve as annual ‘report card’ to show the Board, management, and employees where improvements were made.

The Executive Analysis and data we provide:

  • Help management to better target the efforts of departments and teams so that time and money is spent on projects that produce the results desired by the organization
  • Help to pinpoint areas of potential legal liability, thus allowing management to address issues before they become a greater liability
  • Help management take the necessary steps to increase employee morale and satisfaction
  • Help retain key employees

Employee surveys are used by the best run organizations to facilitate rapid identification and removal of real barriers to improvement, and will lead to significant improvements in organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

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