Fine Tuning Employment and Recruitment Processes

Hiring the right employees has become less about finding warm bodies and more about finding candidates that fit an organization’s culture while matching organizational competencies. Today, businesses are facing many hiring-related challenges including changing customer demands, high rates of employee turnover, and hiring managers who lack effective HR skills.

When helping organizations improve the effectiveness of their employment and recruitment processes, Quest conducts an audit of the general Recruiting and Employment practices in the organization and, if applicable, the specific practices at any location. The audit not only identifies areas needing improvement, it also provides a “blueprint” with specific recommendations, which can be followed to strengthen and improve those areas where an organization could be more efficient or effective.

Included in an effective employment process is the development and implementation of organization and departmental Orientation Programs that facilitate a smooth transition of new hires into an organization.

Some of Quest’s effective recruiting, orientation, and employment processes include:

  • Enable organizations to hire the right people
  • Motivate the workforce
  • Support employee retention;
  • Increase managerial and staff effectiveness
  • Help to increase overall employee productivity
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