HR Audit

Human Resource Process Audit

In order to make well-informed decisions about additions or modifications to the Human Resources processes within an organization, it is very helpful for management to have an independent analysis of the current HR and management practices within the organization. A Human Resource Process Audit helps the organization to evaluate which practices are satisfactorily meeting the needs of the organization, and to identify opportunities for improvement. An HR audit provides a “blueprint,” which can be followed to strengthen and improve those HR areas where the organization could be more efficient or effective, and provides tactical input to an HR strategic plan.

Human Resources Audit will:

  • Give the organization knowledge of the current status of its HR and management practices and procedures
  • Allow senior management to more efficiently target and prioritize HR areas needing improvement
  • Provide a “script” from which senior management can address concerns about HR practices with managers, supervisors and employees
  • Provide a starting point from which they can upgrade the quality of HR practices throughout the organization
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